Goin’ courtin’ has never been so much rip-roarin’ fun! The New York Times says, 'The show offers non-stop pleasure!” <br><b><a href='https://secure.dutchapple.com/Online/default.asp?doWork::WScontent::loadArticle=Load&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::name=SevenBridesBody&sessionlanguage='>BUY TICKETS</a>
<a href='http://dutchapple.com/content/seven_brides.asp'>MORE INFORMATION</a> </b> IT'S SUMMER CAMP TIME! Get your spot reserved to learn how to perform in front of an audience, sing boldly, and perform for friends and family. <br />
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<a href=' '> </a> </b> It’s part romance, part twisted fairytale and fun for everyone!
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<a href='http://dutchapple.com/content/shrek.asp'>MORE INFORMATION</a> </b> Celebrate icons of pop music with tributes to Abba and Barry Manilow! 
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